guitar, cowbell and handclaps

One more note from me on summer music before we move on to project numero dos. I moved to Minneapolis almost three years ago, just in time to fall for local band Hockey Night. I caught them one winter night at the Triple Rock and “For Guy’s Eyes Only” was in constant rotation after that. … Continue reading

In Progress

Here are a few sketches from the poster as I was working on it. Nothing beats a pencil and paper. Although I did want to beat my malfunctioning slow-working scanner. But that’s beside the point. This was a fun project to work on and a good lesson in time management. Lesson being…get better at it. … Continue reading

Make stuff better.

If you’re wondering if all my “cool things” posts are just going to be stuff I’ve stolen from Peter, um, yeah, they are. What’s it to ya?  (Peter originally posted this find on Vary Ordinary. Yay links!) Cardon Copy is a project that takes neighborhood posters lying around town. And turns them into something beautiful. … Continue reading

The off days

Since 2&21 is only a month old, we’re still figuring stuff out. After the 21st, we planned to have about a week of rest before we begin our new August project on the 2nd. So the posts stopped. But you kept visiting. Hey, thanks! And because you must be at least a little interested in … Continue reading

July 21: 22 Things To Do In 1 Summer

We were a little scared we wouldn’t hit our first deadline, but Peter and Clarissa stayed up late and got everything put together. Nice job, dudes. So here it is, for your viewing and listening pleasure! Stream the mix. Or grab a download: Full-size poster and mix (.zip, 191mb) *link updated 7/28 Full-size poster (18×24 … Continue reading