Oh, hi.

Happy July 2!  The first 2 in 2&21’s history (and my half birthday!).

Our project this month is something Clarissa has been doing for 5 years. It’s a summer music mix that she sends out to friends. Since this year marks a special anniversary, we decided to celebrate with a poster – the general concept being 22 things to do in 1 summer.

So far, the trick has been not to get too esoteric with Minneapolis activities. We plan on sending the mix and the poster to friends, who will send it to other friends, who send it to even more friends. In fact, Clarissa made some pretty awesome graphs tracking the spread of her 2007 mix.




Our goal is a piece that speaks to everyone’s summer. We’re working on ideas for interactivity and personal customization. Of course, it’s only the 2nd, so everything is still in progress – but look forward to sneak peeks in upcoming weeks. And maybe some playlists from past years (pssst, Clarissa, you should put up those playlists).

We’ll post the poster and the mix on July 21st.

3 Responses to “Oh, hi.”
  1. Peter says:


    Nice intro Michelle. Cheers to this and many more!

  2. FWOL says:

    These graphics look crazy and fancy. All at once.

  3. Arthur says:

    This is pretty fucking cool. Also, has many pretty colors.

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