1/3 of the way there – eeeek

At 2&21 we have meetings on all dates divisible by 7. Actually, that’s not true. But we did meet last night.

The most notable happening is I have been promoted to Lead Designer. It’s true. I’m designing the main typeface and the logo for this month’s project. (Sounds like Lead Designer business, right?)

We decided we want the type to feel personal since our focus is individual summer adventures. And nothing’s more personal than handwriting. (I’m sure one of my underlings has a better rational for this – but as Lead Designer, I’m not concerned with their opinions.) So I’m going to hand write everything.

I’ve already designed the typeface. Check out this amazingness –

swanson font

And since everything is chugging along nicely and we should be ready to distribute the poster/mix on the 21st.

Here’s a quick list of our progress and plan up to this point:
Copy – Written. I’m sure I’ll continue to tweak/drive Peter and Clarissa crazy up to the final hour. But there are words for each song module.
Design – Peter and Clarissa are designing roughly one song module a day. I’ve seen the first couple and they look really cool.
Logo & Song List – All me!

Next meeting is on the 14th since Clarissa is in Austin for a little vacay. But Peter and I might get together (go to the CC Club) and work (drink PBR and eat chicken tenders), so check back for updates. I’m sure the designers will find something fun and designy to share.

3 Responses to “1/3 of the way there – eeeek”
  1. Joe says:

    So by “design a typeface” you mean you wrote the alphabet and scanned it. Let’s see… Hmm hmm, yep and then… got it. Ok, I’m a designer now too!

  2. Michelle says:

    This typeface was 26 years in the making. I wouldn’t call your chicken scratch a typeface, nor would I call it legible. But I’m sure it’s hard to write with your stump fingers.

  3. Nobuhisa says:

    This typeface is EXACTLY what Ice Cube was looking for on ‘Straight outta Compton.’ Word life.

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