a little background

This summer mix thing started in 2005. College was over and my circle of UT-Austin friends was going off into the world–first jobs, graduate programs, Teach for America, you name it. And since music has always been a huge part of my life, I figured a mix would be a good way to stay connected…something my friends and I would be able to share but still create totally separate, personal memories to.

See, I’ve always kind of loved the idea of musical memories. Moments in time that you’ll always remember that have a song or album or musician attached to them. A few of mine:

  • Senior year of high school – driving with girlfriends down 2222 (a hilly, winding highway) on the way to a movie, arms stretched out the windows, blasting “Drops of Jupiter” by Train.
  • My dad picking me up from day camp during the summer when I was like 7 – there’d be a towel on the vinyl passenger seat so my legs wouldn’t burn from the Texas heat. We’d go to the Stop-N-Go, buy some drinks (a Hi-C Fruit Punch box for me) and head home with Los Lobos’ “Will the Wolf Survive?” in the tape deck.
  • Fall semester, 2004 – Sitting around a too-crowded bar table with friends at the Hole in the Wall, waiting to see some band, and passing the time by singing along to “Train in Vain” on the jukebox.

The Current, the public radio station here in Minneapolis that I adore, has this tagline: Every day deserves a soundtrack. And that’s basically the aim of these mixes—to provide a soundtrack to your summer, something to remember it all by.Songs that, when you randomly hear one years from now, you’ll be able to recall that time you took a road trip and stopped at the World’s Largest Frying Pan.

I think summer 2009 might be the best yet, thanks to this huge little project. This year, the music’ll be accompanied by an awesome visual aid to help create (and document) memories that only summer can offer. Since the long sunny days are already upon us and the mix won’t be out for another couple of weeks, here are few tracks for ’09 that didn’t quite fit the 80-minute disc.

Lisztomania – Phoenix
Help I’m Alive – Metric
To Kingdom Come – Passion Pit


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