July 21: 22 Things To Do In 1 Summer

We were a little scared we wouldn’t hit our first deadline, but Peter and Clarissa stayed up late and got everything put together. Nice job, dudes.

So here it is, for your viewing and listening pleasure!


Stream the mix.

Or grab a download:
Full-size poster and mix (.zip, 191mb) *link updated 7/28
Full-size poster (18×24 pdf, 45mb)
Small poster (9×12 pdf, 15mb)

Hope you like it.

We’d love to track where the mix ends up, like Clarissa did in 2007. So leave your adventures in the comments.

See you on August 2 for project #2.

6 Responses to “July 21: 22 Things To Do In 1 Summer”
  1. megan says:

    If I get it in time, the mix will be my drive along music to my new home in Gainesville, FL, with nights spent in Columbus OH and Chattanooga TN and a pit stop in Cincinnati.

  2. Allison says:

    Clarissa, it’s no surprise that you (+2) have produced another fantastic piece. The poster now hangs above my desk and the soundtrack is about to take me through the afternoon.

  3. jacob says:

    love the poster, love the mix. you had me at Free Energy’s Dream City.

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