I am a conformist

I like these because I get some of the jokes. I write all my copy decks in Helvetica. Is that a good copy deck font? Let me know, snobby design people. I don’t want you all making fun of my Word docs. Advertisements

Knitting up a brainstorm

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but summer is winding down. And honestly, I like fall much more. The leaves change, you can wear really rad boots, and it’s no longer too hot to knit. Yeah! Which means I’m looking for a knitting project. Ideally something I can complete in 30-40 hours – … Continue reading

Spiral Typeface

Download PDF. Download Illustrator file. So, I figured out the S. Finally. What you see above was actually held together by one of the sturdier springs that was then conveniently erased in Photoshop. I wasn’t sure how this would turn out exactly, but thanks to the wonder that is LiveTrace, I’m pretty happy with Spiral. … Continue reading

Terminal Typeface

My first font is complete. I named it Terminal, because it’s made with tiny wire terminals from Axman. Then, with some help from Peter and Clarissa, I turned them into a real live font. I learned stuff like Live Trace and merging paths, y’all! It was amazing. What’s that? You want to use this awesome … Continue reading

Squigs Typeface

Download PDF Download Illustrator File This is my found-object typeface  (Squigs) based on those twisty/squiggly things harvested from Axman. Once some basic rules and patterns were established the face wasn’t too difficult to blow out. There were exceptions such as the e, s, and z which were more tricky to execute, with varying degrees of … Continue reading