Merry August 2nd!


Today kicks off the second project in the history of 2&21. 

Last month, we learned a lesson in how much we could handle in addition to work, other work (we all freelance for FINNEGANS), and actually enjoying summer.

In our meeting we talked a little more about what we want to accomplish with our group. The number one goal is fun with friends, but we also want to use our 21 days to try stuff we’ve never tried before.  

And in the spirit of trying something new, we’re all designing a font from found objects. Yes, even me. The plan is as follows:

  1. Go to Axman
  2. Get some shit
  3. Take pictures of it
  4. Turn it into a typeface.

The plan is to meet next Sunday to get our stuff. Then, we’ll retreat to our corners and see what we come up with. The coolest one as voted by us (or maybe you?) will be produced and ready to download on the 21st. If we have more time, we’ll package up another one. Then maybe another…

Wish me luck; I’m gonna need it. Between this one and this one, I’m definitely the underdog.


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