What are these again?


Axman yielded many opportunities for raw materials to play with, but after about 23 minutes I settled on these little guys. They’re some sort of little twisty clips and they were 10 cents a piece. For a grand total of $3.34. I liked that they had curves that I could work with and were also sturdy but allowed for some flexibility.


Here you can see my assistant Eduardo holding up a sample for a better view. He also arranged the bits to show the variation they allow. The 2 on the left are similar but have different radii on the bottom curve. Also, clearly the middle one has some weird plastic growth extending from it. There’s also an example of how the “twisty” name functions.


Here is a sampling of a few letters. I’ll be doing a lowercase for this go around, so I can best utilized my curves.  It’s been a bit of a challenge to keep a consistent x-height, which is why several of the other letters have not been included yet. I feel good about it thus far, the only thing that bugs me is that I cannot make as clean of cuts as I would like. This results in poorly aligned connection points. Hopefully I can smooth these out in post-production.

2 Responses to “What are these again?”
  1. Annie says:

    Those things look like something that ties off a woman’s uterus.

  2. Michelle says:

    omg, annie, i love you. sorry, peter. wait, no i’m not.

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