Knitting up a brainstorm

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but summer is winding down.

And honestly, I like fall much more. The leaves change, you can wear really rad boots, and it’s no longer too hot to knit. Yeah!

Which means I’m looking for a knitting project. Ideally something I can complete in 30-40 hours – roughly the amount of time I’ll be spending in ports and planes during my trip to Greece. (Did I mention I was going to Greece? Well…I AM! OMG, let’s shriek together. Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!)

Searching through patterns and whatnot on the interwebs, I found some pretty awesome stuff.
Exhibit A – Texting Gloves


I think this is a fantastic example of how a cool name makes something simple, something special.

Exhibit B – Chair Socks
So funny. I wish I had a chair that required socks so I could make my own. I might knit some little hats for the nubs on my rocking chair.

If anyone finds any other unique knitting ideas, send ’em my way. If you’re lucky, you might earn yourself some woolen goods knitted with love while I’m flying over the Mediterranean.

One Response to “Knitting up a brainstorm”
  1. JoeS says:

    You should make a hot-dish cozy – a little thing to put your hot-dish in when you take it to a dinner-party. I googled and I don’t think these exist, but it could be like a sleeve to slide a casserole (hot-dish) dish into with a buttoned flap. Maybe even put some carrying straps on it, though those would need to be pretty heavy duty because a hot-dish can be heavy. I’ll take one for my 9×13 dish. Thanks.

    P.S. Knit something clever into the top of it, maybe some cabling or the state of MN, or make it say HOT DISH.

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