Missed Connections

Remember when I said I’d like to do something like this for one of our projects. What I meant was exactly this: Sophie Blackall takes Missed Connections she finds on Craigslist and turns them into art. How beautiful! I have to admit, part of the reason I love this so much is I’m a sucker … Continue reading

Ya sou!

Finally! Sorry for the wait, everyone. Here are my postcards from my trip to Greece. Check out the rest of my photos on Facebook. And for a glimpse into Grecian cat culture, peep this.

Sad Michelle is sad.

You know I would never lie to you, 2&21 fans. Here’s the truth, I didn’t have my postcards done by the 21st. I know, I know. But I flew in on the 17th and I was jet lagged and stuff happened and sorry. I did have them done tonight. Then, this happened. Oh my f’ing … Continue reading

wish you’d been there

This was my first time to New York visiting friends who live in and around the city. It easily made for my best trip out there yet. My collection of postcards includes a recap of the first 24 hours of my trip, a day spent in Brooklyn and tennis geekery at the U.S. Open. There’s  … Continue reading


My trip to Ireland was absolutely phenomenal; most amazing was the gorgeous countryside. In these 3 postcards for/from Ireland we have a mashup of various favorite things, some fun with Typography from my pictures, & finally the Cliffs of Moher (exceedingly beautiful, dramatic, and raw). A visit to Ireland would come strongly recommended from this 2&21-er. … Continue reading