Sad Michelle is sad.

You know I would never lie to you, 2&21 fans. Here’s the truth, I didn’t have my postcards done by the 21st. I know, I know. But I flew in on the 17th and I was jet lagged and stuff happened and sorry.

I did have them done tonight. Then, this happened.

mac-os-folder-question-markOh my f’ing G, right?

Did I back up all my stuff, you ask? Um, no.

Haven’t I seen that Sex and the City where Carrie’s laptop crashes and then Aidan buys her that hideous blue contraption, like it could ever replace her beautiful Mac filled with all of her stuff that is now lost forever? Yes. Of course I have.

Isn’t that enough to make me back up my stuff? You would think so.

So the only explanation – I am an idiot.

Tomorrow I am going to try to get this fixed. And hopefully then I will have some postcards to share. I just didn’t want you to wonder.

Please leave any well wishes for my Macbook Pro (RIP) in the comments. Hopefully your prayers will seep into it’s corrupt soul and make the stupid flashing folder go away.


One Response to “Sad Michelle is sad.”
  1. Clarissa says:

    Oh no! :(

    Lighting a candle for the Macbook Pro and hoping it’s not really dead yet.

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