Posters and handbooks and drinks, oh my…

We’re getting closer to finishing all of the pieces for the party this Saturday, and though you might like a sneak peek… One of our poster ideas came thanks to these awesome sheets of wrapping paper we found at Paper Source. They’ll be accompanied by markers hanging from the wall so that people can have … Continue reading

Who will reign Superest?

When we were searching for inspiration, Peter came across a site called The Superest. It’s a pretty cool project where a couple of buddies try to out-super each other with unexpected heroes. If you’re donning spandex and a cape this Halloween, scroll through for some cool costume ideas.

Year-round Minneapolis Heroes

Hi Superfrienemies, Check out this article in the City Pages for a little costume inspiration and a taste of what it would be like to save the world one pizza at a time.

October 21: Good Meets Evil

Oh, man, these months are going by fast. It’s the 21st already! Which is only a partial deadline this month. (Yessssss!!!!!) As a refresher, the October project is a bunch of collateral fun stuff for a Halloween house party. The theme we were given was superheroes. But a superhero is just a guy in spandex … Continue reading

Ph.D in Horribleness

A couple of sneak peeks should be up soon, but since we haven’t posted in a while I figured some inspiration in the form of a singing Neil Patrick Harris might be nice. Dr. Horrible would be a welcome guest at the upcoming superhero bash. Peter, if you don’t have a costume yet, may I … Continue reading