With all our powers combined.

spaceballHappy Halloween

The post is 2 days late, but our meeting wasn’t. We met on Friday at Ginger Hop for happy hour. It’s a new restaurant in Northeast Minneapolis and we highly recommend it. If you’d like an in depth review, ask Peter. He ate just about everything on the menu.

It took a few appetizers, some soup, and a couple rounds of beer, but by the time we ordered the sweet potato fries we were ready to get down to business. Must of been the spicy ketchup that kicked us into high gear. We burst out a ton of great ideas in a spontaneous 20 minute brainstorm – intensity level: 5 billion. Stuff like that is what makes these projects so fun.

This month, we’re designing posters and other misc. awesomeness for a yearly Halloween party hosted by Clarissa’s buddies. They said all they really need are invites, but we’re blowing this thing out to cosmic levels (time permitting). We have a ton of ideas, but we’re not quite ready to share details. I will tell you the theme of the party is superheroes.

A few of you have mentioned you like seeing progress updates along the way, so we’ll try to do that more often. It’s great to hear feedback, so if there’s anything else you love or hate let us know.

We also wanted to mention, helping out friends is fun. So if you guys ever have something that needs designing/writing/or anything else you think we might be able to do. Send us an email and we’ll talk it over. These months go by fast, and it’s nice to have projects lined up.

3 Responses to “With all our powers combined.”
  1. Annie says:

    You have a pumpkin?! I was going to get one today, but they are $5! That is too much money….I think I am going to head to the pumpkin patch.
    I can’t wait to try Ginger.

  2. Michelle says:

    That’s not my pumpkin, it’s an internet pumpkin. And I hope you don’t think that’s Peanut. Don’t you know what my son looks like??

  3. Annie says:

    Oops, um, I guess I didn’t look close enough.

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