October 21: Good Meets Evil

Oh, man, these months are going by fast. It’s the 21st already! Which is only a partial deadline this month. (Yessssss!!!!!)

As a refresher, the October project is a bunch of collateral fun stuff for a Halloween house party.

The theme we were given was superheroes. But a superhero is just a guy in spandex without a supervillian to battle. So our concept is Good Meets Evil.

Below is the official party logo, and a couple of oath posters for those who really want to prove their allegiance. There’s much more to come after the party, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise for the guests.




(And keep checking back, there might be a few sneak peeks before the big bash)

2 Responses to “October 21: Good Meets Evil”
  1. Jim Skoog says:

    Haha…I really like the evil oath. I feel like that is something my alter-ego, “Mr.Skoog,” would say out loud to himself before brushing his teeth.

  2. Arthur says:

    Easy on the eyes, the ears and de Brains! Nice work y’all.

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