Posters and handbooks and drinks, oh my…

We’re getting closer to finishing all of the pieces for the party this Saturday, and though you might like a sneak peek…


One of our poster ideas came thanks to these awesome sheets of wrapping paper we found at Paper Source. They’ll be accompanied by markers hanging from the wall so that people can have a little good guy vs bad guy fun.


Michelle, superwriter that she is, is done with her part; now we just have to make everything look as good as it reads.

EVIL evil GOOD good
And here’s just a quick gander of the posters to come. They of course follow our color scheme and, as with everything else we’ve done so far, have the dual good and evil identity.

One thing we have yet to finish are table tents with recipes for the good and evil potions Michelle found. They sound awesome. Evildoers are promised an “added prickle,” while the heroes are guaranteed to be made “exponentially more super.”


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