the best little building downtown

So, the Thursday before our awesomely successful Get Sketchy happy hour (a post is on the way, promise), we met up after work at one of my favorite spots downtown. Eli’s Food and Cocktails is in a great old building at 13th and Hennepin that I’ve wanted to live in since I first walked by … Continue reading

Sunday, Try-Not-To-Projectile-Vomit Day

My dear friends, Our 2nd November sketchy hour was a success. But not as successful as it should’ve been. So far we are 2 for 2 in screwing up plans. We were supposed to meet at 2 on Saturday for a Meat Raffle at the Schooner. I don’t know if I can even think of … Continue reading

Get Sketchy with 2&21

So far our sketching and carousing has been really fun. But the way we initially set up this project doesn’t lend itself to a big November 21st reveal. This is where you come in. This Saturday (which is the 21st) we’re hosting a little get together at the CC Club from 2pm – 5pm and … Continue reading

Drink Up! – Bar Sketches Edition 1

So for our first bartime adventure, Michelle, Clarissa, and Peter traveled to Stasius Nye’s Polonaise. Turns out the my original pick had shuttered is doors. Let’s have a moment of silence. With Nye’s as our back up we hastily wandered inside, were seated and ordered our first beers of this month’s project. 16 oz of … Continue reading

are you good or evil?

Download the handbooks: Good and Evil (pdf)Download the poster (pdf) Here it is! The official collateral from the Symposium of Good and Evil, for your reading and viewing pleasure. If you really want to do it up right, put the two books together, alternating between good and evil pages and make sure the page orientation … Continue reading