So happy together


From posters, to postcards, to typefaces, to instructions on how to be good or evil – we’ve tried a lot of stuff in the past 4 months. Sure, learning and creating is fun, but you know what’s even more fun? Being buddies!

Which is why the goal of this month’s project is making cool stuff AND hanging out.

Here’s the plan:

3 weeks, 3 friends, 3 bars. We each pick a spot, then we chill along with some sketchbooks and a few pencils. After every outing we’ll post our illustrations just for you.

Here’s the schedule

If you know us, you can probably guess who picked where. And if you don’t, whoever chose that locale will write up a post to accompany all our sketches and put it in perspective.

Happy 2nd! Keep your eyes pealed for an update this week or follow us on Twitter and get instant notification (assuming you’re also a twitter addict).


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