Drink Up! – Bar Sketches Edition 1

So for our first bartime adventure, Michelle, Clarissa, and Peter traveled to Stasius Nye’s Polonaise. Turns out the my original pick had shuttered is doors. Let’s have a moment of silence.

With Nye’s as our back up we hastily wandered inside, were seated and ordered our first beers of this month’s project. 16 oz of heaven known as Miller High Life. Nothing could be sweeter as we settled into our sparkly vinyl booth. Sadly the bar was not too busy at this time but it helped us over hear the other patrons’ conversations. Gems like this: “The drummer was 90 years old, and he died about last year.” says the waiter. “Oh how fun!” replies the saucy cougar lady. Thanks for caring.

Clarissa, Michelle, and I each took it upon ourselves to share our experiences with you by way of sketches and notes. Glimpseable bellow:


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