the best little building downtown

So, the Thursday before our awesomely successful Get Sketchy happy hour (a post is on the way, promise), we met up after work at one of my favorite spots downtown. Eli’s Food and Cocktails is in a great old building at 13th and Hennepin that I’ve wanted to live in since I first walked by it a few years ago. In my head, I’d live one of the apartments with the arched windows, become a regular at Eli’s and spend my Sunday mornings at Espresso Royale drinking tea and reading a book.

Eli’s is open ’til 2 am and serves food until 1. Amazing, yummy food. ‘Til one in the morning. The vibe is almost completely opposite the Schooner’s, all mood lighting and jazz/blues music playing over the speakers. It’s a super cozy spot that’s best suited to a quiet-ish night with a few friends.

I can’t really remember any overhead conversations, but one of the highlights of the night was Peter drawing Michelle mid-bite and the ensuing, “Stop drawing me! Seriously! Stop!” He did not stop. See the doodles below:

One Response to “the best little building downtown”
  1. Michelle says:

    I hate Peter more than usual right now.

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