I don’t care what your mama says

In an awesome coincidence, this aired on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last Monday, 12/21: Now, a week later, I wish I was still in Austin. But since I’m back, I’ve got some photos from our screenprinting process to share. If you received a card, don’t forget to send along a postcard wish to someone … Continue reading

Wish a little wish

We did it, you guys! Our first adventure with screen printing was a success. And now we’re the proud parents of 30 cards and 30 post cards to give to friends. Clarissa took some pretty pictures of the entire process, but forgot to pack her camera cord when she flew off to sunny Austin. So … Continue reading

Cardy Party

In the spirit of mailable cheer and blog updates, here’s some cards I like. The first card, I found in a post about creative cards. The second, is one Clarissa saw at No Coast Craft-o-Rama created by rarrarpress. I love the sentiment. It makes me miss all my buddies scattered across the country :( Boo … Continue reading

Try, try again

It’s pretty safe to say that during our last meeting none of us were on our game. We were tired, crabby, some of us may or may not have been really hung over. It all added up to an idea based on what we thought holiday cards should be, instead of what we want them … Continue reading

Making the holidays more holiday-y

It’s probably no surprise that since it’s December, we’re doing Holiday cards. We want to use the process of making cards to try something we’ve never tried before. Originally we were going to screen print. Then, there was talk of making a stamp. Now we’re not doing either. In trying to brainstorm designs we came … Continue reading