Making the holidays more holiday-y

It’s probably no surprise that since it’s December, we’re doing Holiday cards. We want to use the process of making cards to try something we’ve never tried before.

Originally we were going to screen print. Then, there was talk of making a stamp. Now we’re not doing either.

In trying to brainstorm designs we came up with the idea of making the holidays more holiday-y (these are the types of terms I invent when I’m overly tired). To explain in words that exist – take everyday items give them a holiday twist.

After a bunch of talk this is where we landed –

Making a special holiday tea blend became the inspiration. Then we got talking about the kinds of designs you could make with the string attached to the tea bag. Which lead to all of us taking a length of string and creating a design – then producing that design into 3 cards and sending them with a tea bag filled with our original 2&21blend.

We’re meeting to try this thing out on Sunday. We’ll keep you updated.


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