Try, try again

It’s pretty safe to say that during our last meeting none of us were on our game. We were tired, crabby, some of us may or may not have been really hung over. It all added up to an idea based on what we thought holiday cards should be, instead of what we want them to be.

Yesterday, we got our supplies and headed back to my house with the intention of making our tea mix and doing some sort of string art. The tea was pretty good, but the cards were looking like kindergarten art projects. After a little talking, we realized this idea didn’t fit our group.

“Do you guys even drink tea?”

“I drink beer…”

Let’s spice beer!”

Ok, another bad idea. But while we were loading PBR with holiday spices, we started talking about why we send cards and the kind of cards we like getting.

… And were back on track!

So, next weekend we really are screen printing. And we have an idea we really like.

The first part of the day was a little frustrating, but it was a good reminder not to force something that isn’t working. And also not to add things to beer. Especially baking cocoa.


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