Wish a little wish

We did it, you guys!

Our first adventure with screen printing was a success. And now we’re the proud parents of 30 cards and 30 post cards to give to friends. Clarissa took some pretty pictures of the entire process, but forgot to pack her camera cord when she flew off to sunny Austin. So you’ll have to settle for my iPhone pics until she gets home.

Here’s a few of the process and the finished product.

The idea is to fill out a personal wish for the card’s recipient. Later, we’ll post all our wishes, but we wanted to give them time to get to our buddies (or in my case, I need to send them out. Eep!). Inside each card is a little postcard, so the wishee gets a chance to be a wisher.

Hope you like ‘em. And to give you an idea of what the wishes will be like, here’s our wishes for each other.

Clarissa’s wish for…

2&21: I wish someone would mistake you guys for brother and sister, after watching you flick stuff at each other at a bar

Michelle: I wish you a chili dog wrapped in a tortilla, topped with lots of ketchup. With a side of beer.

Peter: I wish you a week where you go home by 6 every day. At the earliest.

Peter’s wish for…

Clarissa: I wish you and your Longhorns’ continued domination of any and all sports and also to have the ability to burn the perfect screen.

Swanny: I wish for you to become a faster master knitter and to one day open a wonderfully rundown hole in the wall.

Michelle’s wish for…

2&21: I wish for you both to become rich and famous with your own studio. And I hope you still let me be your writer.

Clarissa: I wish there was a place called Austapolis that combined all the best stuff from here and Austin. And that you were their Municipal Mayor of Design because I bet you’d design a really pretty town.

Peter: I wish you a year filled with really exquisite melted cheese filled delicacies because I know you really appreciate the finer things, you crazy super-taster, you.

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