cupcakes at the turf club


a good excuse

Despite a lack of photographic evidence, we really did use a napkin to jot down our plan for designing and knitting a few hats for this month’s project. I promise. And even though there was no post yesterday revealing the awesome hats Michelle has been furiously knitting for the last couple weeks, they do exist. … Continue reading

2&21 Birthday – Saturday, January 23rd!

Here’s a little inside track to the 2&21 name. It comes from our birthdays. I was born January 2, Clarissa is February 2, and Peter is February 21. You know what that means? BIRTHDAY PARTY! Don’t worry, you don’t have to get us anything. Instead we’ll give you the gift of friendship, music, and fun … Continue reading

Starting our apparel line

Happy January 2nd…2 days late. We’re a little late because the 2nd was my birthday and yesterday was the day after my birthday, where I devoted 12 hours to drinking Gatorade, eating caramel rolls, and watching E! But, since we knew we’d have a busy weekend, we met ahead of time. And huddled in the … Continue reading