Starting our apparel line

Happy January 2nd…2 days late.

We’re a little late because the 2nd was my birthday and yesterday was the day after my birthday, where I devoted 12 hours to drinking Gatorade, eating caramel rolls, and watching E!

But, since we knew we’d have a busy weekend, we met ahead of time. And huddled in the corner of the CC Club, we hatched a plan to make hats. I’m doing the knitting and Peter and Clarissa are doing the designing. Here’s the napkin, where our idea was born and Peter demonstrates his inability to spell.

The pattern of the hat is going to be based on one of those old knit caps the kids in PeeWee hockey used to wear back in the day. Something like this…

The design on the band is up to Clarissa and Peter, The area they have to design in is roughly 20 stitches high and 120 around. A stitch is much like a pixel, in case you don’t understand knitting terminology, like Peter.

They’re getting me a design by the 9th, then I’m knitting like crazy to get them all done by the 21st. We’ll keep you updated on our progress.


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