a good excuse

Despite a lack of photographic evidence, we really did use a napkin to jot down our plan for designing and knitting a few hats for this month’s project. I promise. And even though there was no post yesterday revealing the awesome hats Michelle has been furiously knitting for the last couple weeks, they do exist. We’ve just been a little busy.*

But we’re getting it together and have some shots of the hat for you now…

A little background: Michelle’s style-of-choice has been dubbed “dirtball chic,” and while we were at the bar evaluating other people’s dirtball chic-ness, we decided on the inspiration for our hats. Peter jotted it down on the evasive napkin: “dirtball chique.” And then it was really settled. Now we have hats commemorating Michelle’s favorite look and Peter’s spelling prowess.

Expect a post with better hat photos before the weekend is over. And don’t forget to come to the birthday party. The hats will also be in attendance and we’d love to have you model for us, if you’re up for it.

*Yesterday we all made it out to A Benefit for Haiti organized by the locally run Healing Haiti. Michelle and I did some volunteer writing and designing for the event, and it was a great night with lots of friends and strangers coming together for a good cause. If you haven’t found a way to give in the aftermath of the earthquake and you’d like to, be sure to click the above link. They’ve been doing great work in Haiti since 2006.

One Response to “a good excuse”
  1. amanda says:

    holy crap. these look awesome. have fun at your birthday party; i will be sorely missing you! congratulations on all you’ve done in the past year.

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