you are where you eat

Ta da! Our Poster Clash 2010 entry is now in play. If we make it to the round of 64 posters that go into head-to-head match ups, we’ll let you know (and ask you to vote for us). Encouraging people to change the way they shop/eat, we decided to visit The Wedge to purchase all … Continue reading

poster clash sneak peek

We’ve got about one week ’til the deadline and all the pieces are falling into place really nicely. Expect more pictures this weekend…

Putting Some 2&21 Skillz To Use

One of the benefits of being a Brainco graduate, is the ability to take free classes fo’ life! In an effort to further sabotage my social life and increase my stress level, I signed up for Typography this semester. As a writer going into design territory, I was a little intimidated. I really, truly thought … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Clarissa!

This 2nd is a very special 2nd because it’s also Clarissa’s birthday. So be sure to send your love via phone, tweet, FB, or something. For our project this month, we’re doing our first competition as a collective. We’re submitting a piece to the AIGA Poster Clash. The theme of the show is “change one … Continue reading