Putting Some 2&21 Skillz To Use

One of the benefits of being a Brainco graduate, is the ability to take free classes fo’ life! In an effort to further sabotage my social life and increase my stress level, I signed up for Typography this semester.

As a writer going into design territory, I was a little intimidated. I really, truly thought kerning was some sort of magical mathematical formula before I read about 20 pages on it. Turns out it’s just looking at stuff and making sure it doesn’t look all whack. Huh, imagine that.

But most of what I’m learning in this class I’ve already learned from Peter and Clarissa, I just didn’t know I knew it.

Last week our assignment in Type was to create our own font, which we did for 2&21 back in August, so I felt really prepared. Maybe even a little more prepared that some of the designers in class. Plus, Peter and Clarissa were there to offer criticism and help me understand why certain things worked, why others didn’t.

Without further ado…


This is the first time that something we’ve done for fun has really helped me outside of our group. And it felt good to know that our projects are teaching us things that we can use.

Yay 2&21! Here’s to many more do-it-ourselves lessons and successes.


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