you are where you eat

Ta da! Our Poster Clash 2010 entry is now in play. If we make it to the round of 64 posters that go into head-to-head match ups, we’ll let you know (and ask you to vote for us).

Encouraging people to change the way they shop/eat, we decided to visit The Wedge to purchase all the ingredients for our poster. Everything you see above was grown or made in Minnesota. Local cheese, veggies, bread, bacon, jelly and more. Hope you like.

One Response to “you are where you eat”
  1. Ange says:

    Concept is super sweet, just wish there was a bit more contrast between the wood and the words in the top middle. It starts to get a bit washed out. Perhaps just a bit of burning in Photoshop would do the trick! Inspiring work!

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