forget lakes. we got bikes.

(click to enlarge) Minneapolis is pretty widely known as a bike-friendly city. But you should see our working “bike facts” document; all the information is a little overwhelming. Did you know there’s a Twin Cities Bicycling Club? And unicycle club? That the new bike share program, Nice Ride MN, starts in May? Or how about … Continue reading

Let’s Go Ride Bikes

The last week in Minneapolis has been beautiful. Sun shining, birds chirping, snow melting into giant puddles of muddy goo, and all of the Twin Cities rejoicing that they can finally go outside without 27 layers of clothing. As we sat inside Wild Roast knowing all this wonderful spring stuff was happening outside, it was … Continue reading

Fire Drill! Again.

Deep, deep in the 2&21 archives there’s a master list of things we’d like to accomplish or learn with our monthly projects. Two themes that consistently arise are doing some sort of infographic and creating something that shows love for the MPLS. Well, whaddya know, (one of our fave sites) came out with this … Continue reading