Oh, April, where did you go?

This month has been a whirlwind. My tiny baby, Peanut, was in a vicious fight with a mongrel hobo cat, I got a new car, and work was in. sane.

Needless to say 2&21 fell a little by the wayside. Now it’s the 22 and all I have is  a sketch and my little story of how I got there.

When we kicked this project off, I decided I wasn’t picking a deer. There are a million illustrations of deer. And as a non-designer, I bet 999,999 of them are better than my deer.

So I thought maybe a fox…

Maybe a fish…

Maybe a chipmunk…

Maybe a mosquito…

Then, when I hated my illustrations of all those things, I decided maybe I should just draw a deer.

They’re everywhere in the UP. Eating handfuls of corn at Presque Isle. Jumping in front of your car on old dirt roads. Sneaking up to your campsite and grunting really, really loudly in the darkness. I love deer. Plus, they have really long eyelashes.

So while, it’s still in progress. Here’s my dear deer, all dressed up to work the midnight shift in the train yard.


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