21 Million Things To Do

This 21st is a little unconventional. We do have a May project (the cookbook) but we didn’t intend on finishing it this month. So in lieu of final work, we have a couple updates to share.

Cookbook: We’ve got a pretty cool concept. We plan to pair up recipes with the perfect occasion to make them. To tell the story, I’ll write a headline and Peter and Clarissa will illustrate a border. So far we’ve gotten started on two recipes. Once we get those done, we’ll move on to two more. Then two more. You get the idea.

Uptown Market: In really awesome news, we’re going to have a booth at the Uptown Market. We’re in the process of deciding what we want to sell how we’re actually going to get it produced by our Market debut.

First order of business is to make a line of cards based of our I Wish cards from Christmas. Clarissa has set the type, and this weekend we’ll be burning the screens and possibly printing.

Check it out:

One Response to “21 Million Things To Do”
  1. minx says:

    I still have my I Wish card from Christmas. I keep it on my desk, still blank. I get so excited about your projects!

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