Happy July 2(3rd)nd! This past month Clarissa, Michelle, and I were able to find the time to get together and have some fun. Our resident tinkerer, Joe (an excellent resource and grill chef), was kind enough to invite us over for some Jucy Lucy’s and screen-printing. The burgers turned out excellent and the molten cheese gave us the strength to power through the ensuing ink splatters and cat-attacks [see pics below].

In other news, our cookbook project is underway and we’re coming up with different looks and ways to organize everything. Sorry, no sneak peeks yet. Other projects in the works include: (1) more cards to be added to the “I Wish…” group (2) buttons inspired by our favorite movies (3) new posters (4) and finally some t-shirt and onesie ideas. Yeah that’s right, baby clothes. What of it?

This looks to be a big summer for us. When we’re not sweating from the heat, we’ll undoubtedly be sweating from the feverish scribblings in sketchbooks and the warm glow of high-gloss computer screens. Bring the sunscreen kids, this summer’s gonna be HOT!


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