better late than never

First ever attempt at selling our wares to strangers (and awesome, supportive friends & family)? Success! Thanks so much to everyone who came out. I think we were all a little worried we’d have a table with not enough stuff on it and no customers. But the total opposite was true.

It was definitely an adventure—going to Walmart for the first time in forever to find a canopy, only to see a dad and his two daughters hauling out THREE of them as we were walking in and hoping they hadn’t taken the last of them; trying to burn a screen in the sunlight two or three times before getting it right (fyi, it takes a lot less time than you think it does); printing on kitchen towels with varying degrees of success and having our best attempts be the first thing to sell out (!)—one I think we’re all looking forward to doing again…

In two weeks. Sunday, July 25. We’ll have more bike-themed kitchen towels, minisotan onesies in more sizes, the perfect card for your pregnant friends, and if we manage to get our act together in these next two weeks, some totally new stuff you don’t see pictured below…

Expect a link to the 2&21 etsy site later this week.

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