cooking up illustrations

Somehow, it’s already July 21. And while we don’t have a completed project to show, we do want to share some progress on the cookbook we’ve mentioned around here once or twice.

After writing and designing all sorts of good stuff for The Symposium of Good and Evil in October, we got our first referral. A friend-of-a-friend was looking to have someone design his cookbook of about 25 recipes. We were given a lot of creative freedom on both the writing and design fronts, which made it a little harder to get the ball rolling, I think.

But we’re finally on track and hope to have a solid draft of the book by the end of August. Our biggest challenge? Hand-drawn type and/or illustrations that help describe each of the dishes. Below are just a couple of screenshots of what we’ve been working on…

Expect to see more in the month ahead.

Don’t forget to visit us* this weekend at the Uptown Market.

*And by us, I mean Michelle…keep her company while the other two-thirds of 2&21 will be out of town visiting their homelands.

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