1 day late. Just 1 day and 2 months…

Oh, hi there. I bet you thought we forgot about you, seeing as our last post was in July.


It’s just that we’ve been really busy screen printing and selling our wares at the Uptown Market. But now that it’s getting to be fall, and we only have one market left – THIS SUNDAY – we’re getting back to our regularly scheduled programming. Slowly, but surely.

To bring you back up to speed, here’s what we’ve been doing this summer.

  • We’ve updated our Etsy site with all the goods we’ve been hustlin’ on 29th and Bryant.
  • We’re still working on that cookbook, and should be ready for a big reveal soon.
  • Annnnd we just signed up for Toys in the Attic. And we have a really great idea.

See you guys, there’s stuff in the hopper.

But, if you can’t wait until October for the next update and you really, really need to see some creative stuff from 2&21, don’t worry, you only need wait until Sunday. Starting at 11 on September 26, we’ll be at the Uptown Market. It’s our last one of the year. So grab some chow from the food trucks and talk a walk down to our booth. We’d love to see you.


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