Brain Food

Since recommitting to the blog, keeping tighter reins on our project schedule, and getting our shit together in general, we’ve been meeting weekly. Usually on a Sunday. Usually for brunch.

And let me tell you something, brunch rules. So here’s a quick rundown of the places we’ve been frequenting. And why we (ok, mostly I) love them.

Citizen Café – This is probably the official restaurant of 2&21 brunch. Eat the cheddar chive biscuits. And the gravlox. Do it.

Barbette – I love brie. Pretty much every time I see brie or hear the word “brie,” I say “I love brie.” There is a lot of brie here. BRIE.

Town Hall Tap – They have brie curds. (I love brie.) And sandwiches that are twice the size of my head. And beer. You should stop what you’re doing and go there now.

The Lowbrow – We didn’t go here for brunch, but they have $2 Hamm’s and a really cool mural done by Aesthetic Apparatus. No one can be mad at that.

Black Bird – This was the place that burnt down a couple years ago on Bryant and 50th. Now they have a new spot on 38th and Nicollet. We went here for Clarissa’s birthday, which isn’t technically a 2&21 meeting, but whatever. It was awesome. They had brie celery soup. (I love brie.)

Even with all this eating, we’ve still managed to keep working…

Our Artcrank concept is finalized. We’re supposed to (ahem, Peter and Clarissa) email today with design ideas and I’ve got a few lines to share. Then we’re meeting for brunch (!) on Sunday to keep movin’ forward.

We’ve also got a pretty good handle on our Minneapolis Bike Tour idea. Which will share more of once all this Artcranking is done.

And as one final reminder, our cards are now stocked at I Like You. So buy them, please. We’re also in talks about expanding our greetings into birthday and wedding stuff. So, if there’s anything else you’d like to see, let us know before we start b-stormin’.


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