New Inspiration From New Orleans

While vacationing in New Orleans earlier this summer I was lucky enough to visit the Mardi Gras museum. Learning about the history and meaning behind Mardi Gras was interesting enough, but the real thrill was that the “museum” was actually also the workshop in which they produce around 80% of the floats and props for each year of Carnival.

The parades run for almost 2 weeks. Each Krewe (organizaiton that puts together a parade and rides on the floats) is allowed to have a parade during Mardi Gras. A parade means a minimum of 14 floats. Last year there were 50+ krewes participating. That’s over 50 parades, each with a minimum of 14 floats, and some with as many as 30! It’s incredible. And the large majority of floats are pulled apart and redone with a new theme for the following year.

The Mardi Gras museum staff that works on the floats year round to produce these amazing displays. It was amazing to walk through the workshop and storage area to see both the size of these pieces but also the amount of detail that goes into them. Truly inspiring.


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