We’re 2&21. A little collective that came to be over a beer, in a bar in Minneapolis. Each month is a new project. We start on the 2nd and wrap it up by the 21st. It’s a reason to hang out, get our hands dirty, and make some cool stuff along the way.

Michelle Swanson is a writer, born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (it’s ok, nobody’s heard of it). She likes cats, knitting, and all sorts of other crafty grandma stuff. She also likes Peter and Clarissa, and feels lucky that they almost kind of accept her as one of the design kids.

Clarissa Hernandez is a designer and native of Austin, TX. The latter will inevitably come up in conversation because, well, if you were from the place that spawned Austin City Limits, Shiner Bock and Kerbey queso, you’d wax rhapsodic about it too. She often wishes she could write like Michelle and design like Peter, so it’s pretty sweet to be in their company.

Peter Hahn is a designer. He likes Blazing Saddles, stuff with melted cheese on it, and Polish golf. He hails from Wisconsin by way of Texas, SC, and Germany. His last name means rooster and he’s afraid of kittens.


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