Greetings for this Season

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! Did you all have a nice Thanksgiving? Oh, good. We’re glad. Now it’s time to think about Christmas. While we can’t help you with baking, present wrapping, or insane shopping malls, we can help you with cards. After two years of no new card designs, we’re back to screen printing some holiday … Continue reading

Our Guide To Infographics

2&21 began as a creative collective with only one rule, wedowhatwewant. However,  we have since grown into a healthy, little, soon-to-be LLC. We’ve gotten a lot of our work through word of mouth (thanks, you guys). And as we’ve mentioned in the past, much of it has been infographics. To hone our process, we’ve been … Continue reading

For Your Information

When we first started our collective over 2 years ago (my gosh, has it been that long?), the idea was to take on one personal project a month as a way to explore new things outside of our day jobs in advertising. But one thing has lead to another and now we have a pretty … Continue reading

Bikes, Bikes, & More Bikes

As anyone who lives in Minneapolis knows, around here bikes are a pretty big deal. This year, we’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to work on a few projects featuring these “human-powered freedom machines.” Our first endeavor was for Artcrank, a small bike show that started in Minneapolis in 2007, which has spread … Continue reading

New Inspiration From New Orleans

While vacationing in New Orleans earlier this summer I was lucky enough to visit the Mardi Gras museum. Learning about the history and meaning behind Mardi Gras was interesting enough, but the real thrill was that the “museum” was actually also the workshop in which they produce around 80% of the floats and props for … Continue reading